cnvDuring the spring of 2012, my wife was suddenly diagnosed with Stage 3B Ovarian Cancer. As you can only imagine the thoughts that came into our minds … What are we going to do? What does this mean? How did she get this? Why was this not detected in her last doctors visit? The list goes on. She was rushed into surgery before we could blink. After, being diagnosed to three weeks later, having surgery for this life changing disease, we were in a complete whirlwind. Life as we knew it had come to complete standstill. However, we ended up at Northside Hospital, under the direct care of Dr. Gerald Feuer.​ He is a specialist in Ovarian Oncology and the World’s Leading Robotic Surgeon.

Along the way we have had the opportunity to meet some really wonderful people. They have helped us so much from education on Ovarian Cancer to receiving treatment. One of those individuals is Doug Barron at the Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance. Upon the beginning of treatment at Northside each patient receives a “Bag of Hope”. After my wife got hers I started digging in it and discovered a lot of great items in it that a cancer patient needs while undergoing treatment. Little did I know that this would lead into something far more than I could imagine. I had thoughts jumping into my head and felt the sudden urge to try to make a difference. I immediately called and left a message on Doug’s voicemail and to my surprise he called me back, enthusiastically wanting to hear my plans.

I came up with a way to raise awareness and to help save a life that he never envisioned. I presented him with a boat wrap to travel across the country, mainly Georgia to help reach women and families that may never have the opportunity to know about early detection of this Silent Killer. We can reach outside the Atlanta area into the rural surrounding counties and bordering states for an outreach program that may never had come about without my wife becoming ill. Most victims of this disease come into the Atlanta area for treatment, the very same place that I will be traveling to.

540876_567307859955584_1675812227_nIn 2016, I will continue my campaign called the “Tour of Hope” with the help of the Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance. I am fishing in a number of FLW Bass Fishing League and RAM Open Series tournaments. The plan is to continue to raise awareness and money to help others that are battling cancer. The biggest hopes are to try to save one more life by early detection.

Please help me spread the word.​