Snowed In 

As we prepared for the 2017 show season the weatherman decided to throw us a curve ball and hit Raleigh NC with the first snow of the season however it turned out to be more ice than snow.  

The Big Rock Show started off with most customers running around frantic trying to place their orders and get out of town. Friday seemed to busy and we were worried that the weekend would be a bust. We woke up Saturday morning to ice hitting our hotel window slowing our departure from bed to show floor thinking we would be playing corn hole in aisle floor all day. As we entered the show those thoughts were quickly washed away and the panic button was about to be pushed. Knowing what a great day we had  24 hrs earlier there was no way we would do more business in the middle of the ice storm than the day before. Guess what? It turned out to be the best day of the weekend. 

Moral to story always think positive 

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