Springtime Bass

What is your first thought when you start to see pollen on the water? Many initially think allergies, while some of us start to think of spawning bass. This past springtime weekend was no exception as the trees were in full bloom at Lake Martin and the lake was covered in pollen. During practice, I noticed a pattern developing and it held up into the weekend. I concentrated on flat pockets with super flat docks and stairs that met a floating pier in front in the mid-lake area. All of these docks had fry at the base as most of the bass had already spawned. I was able to put together what most weren’t able to, a monster bag on Lake Martin. Normally being a 6-8 pound limit lake, I weighed in 13.4 that afternoon. I escaped with more points than what I had hoped for and it will provide me a somewhat relaxed year trying to qualify for the regional in the Bama division which happens to be in my backyard, Lake Hartwell.

All of the fish I caught came on four main ZOOM Baits: Trick Worm, Magnum Shakey Head, Swamp Crawler and a UV Speed Craw. The UV Speed Craw was thrown on a 3/8 Greenfish Tackle Creeper Head and fished on main lake boulder points as my early morning search tool. My goal was to fill a quick limit for fish that were coming and going heading into spawning areas. I used the Mag Shakey head on a 3/16 Green Pumpkin shakey head from War Eagle lures. The Swamp Crawler and Trick Worm were rigged wacky and floating along with a drop shot using Kistler Rods and Quantum EXO spinning reels spooled with Hi-Seas fluorocarbon line ranging from 6# test to 12#.

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